Alcohol and Drug Addiction Outpatient Treatment Program, Dayton Ohio  

                       Individual Counseling.

Individual counseling involves a face-to-face encounter between a client or client and family member and a counselor. Individual counseling means the utilization of special skills to assist an individual in achieving treatment objectives through the exploration of alcohol and other drug problems and/or addiction and their ramifications, including an examination of attitudes and feelings, consideration of alternative solutions and decision making and/or discussing didactic materials with regard to alcohol and other drug related problems. Individual counseling services are provided at the program site certified by the Ohio department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services or in the client's natural environment.

The clinical director /counselor provide scheduled face to face individual counseling with a client/ and or family member.

Individual Counseling is offered six days a week Monday- Friday from 8 am to 7 pm .

 Saturdays from 9 am-5:30  and Sunday 12 pm to 5:30 pm by appointments

Individual Counseling services are offered for 45 minutes session, 30 minutes session, or 1 hour session.