Alcohol and Drug Addiction Outpatient Treatment Program, Dayton Ohio  


Our mission, to become one of the top providers of abstinence-based AoD outpatient treatment program in Western Ohio. We believe out-of-the-home placements care can be avoided if we deliver the same appropriate quality services through our outpatient care. 

                                        Agency goals and values 

Our goals are geared towards given clients the tools they need to live a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.  We aim to guide clients with the tools required to remain drug and alcohol free.  We  empower clients to understand that recovery is an ongoing process and abstinence free is the way to go..



                         Care4us Behavioral Health Center, LLC

                         One Elizabeth Place Bldg, Ste 1170

                         Dayton, Ohio 45417

                        Hours of Operation

                         Mon-Fri: 8- 7 pm

                         Sat: 10-5:30 pm by appointment

                         Sun: 12-5  by appointment

                          Phone: 937-938-5434

                          Email:  [email protected]